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Charlie Sheen: Idiot - No, Seriously, You Guys — LiveJournal

Dec. 3rd, 2006

08:34 pm - Charlie Sheen: Idiot

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Charlie Sheen once said on the topic of prostitutes: "I don't pay them for sex. I pay them to leave."

I don't understand what he's spending money on. I can get women to leave for free. Usually very rapidly, after they've met Big Dusty. If he has a persistent feminine pest problem, he only needs to give me a call.

If you need more evidence that this supposed wisdom is utter balls, consider these candidate phrases for inclusion on phone box cards:
"Hot Busty Asian"
"Young Blonde, New In Town"
"I Go Away"

And furthermore, this phone conversation:

Punter: So, er... what do you offer?
Prossie: Whatever you want, love... backdoor, all fours, sideways, rope work...
Punter (breathing heavily): Go on...
Prossie: fire escape, ground floor window, waltzing, pogo stick... what takes your interest?
Punter: Well...
Prossie: Yes?
Punter (whispering): Slip out the back, Jack... make a new plan, Stan...
Prossie: PERVERT! (slams phone down)

In summary: I should go back to bed.

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Date:October 14th, 2007 10:25 pm (UTC)

Charlie Sheen's Comment

I think you might be missing the point Charlie Sheen's pithy comment was trying to make. I believe Charlie meant he doesn't have a problem finding plenty of women who want to sleep with him. His problem, rather, is finding women who want to sleep with him but do not insist on trying to start a subsequent relationship. This is to be contrasted with the commonly accepted reason why men use prostitutes, namely, that they simply can't find a woman who wants to sleep with them.
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Date:September 3rd, 2009 04:48 am (UTC)

Re: Charlie Sheen's Comment

Anonymous hit the nail on the head. He just left out that YOZLET is an idiot.
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Date:November 26th, 2009 07:20 am (UTC)

Re: Charlie Sheen's Comment

YOZ may or may not be an idiot...but he's a funny idiot and that makes him my inter-buddy.
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