June 11th, 2006

Eric from Skool Daze

A moment of epiphany

First party in a while, and probably one of the last for a long time with a majority of participants over the age of five. Anyway, lots of catching up with people, talking about parenthood and how it hasn't really sunk in yet.

Until, that is, a moment just as I'm planning to leave: a friend is discovered semi-conscious and lying in a spreading pool of his own vomit. After a little deliberation I grab a roll of J-cloths and march in declaring, "I can handle this. I'm a dad."

(However, it appears that I can still dance. So not fully migrated, but getting there.)

And now sitting in a room at the Royal Free Hospital, baby on my lap in a sling. We're trying to get him fattened up and it's somewhat stressful, but all will be fine soon, I'm sure. It is summer in Belsize Park and we need to do more beer garden gastropubbing. Who wants to join us?
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