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An arm and a leg ( x 2 ) - No, Seriously, You Guys — LiveJournal

Jul. 7th, 2005

10:57 pm - An arm and a leg ( x 2 )

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Jewish wedding countdown: 10 days to go.

Hello to those of you who've just tuned in! You catch me in a semi-married state, the civil wedding having been two weeks ago (see Flickr tag bobyozwedding for pics from Miki, Cory, Kim, Phil, Stef and James). The Jewish wedding, which is the big expensive thing for family and friends of family, is coming up and I am excreting building materials. In the meantime, even though Bob and I are thoroughly legally married, this purgatorial period between the two ceremonies has me considering her my semi-wife since the wave has yet to collapse into an eigenstate. We are Schrodinger's Newlyweds, stuck in a box with some radioactive material and a machine that may or may not marry us.

If you were already tuned in, you'll breathe a sigh of relief with me when I tell you that Justine did not turn up. Heartfelt thanks to all those of you who made suggestions for the saving of my sorry ass; they were gratefully received, even though they were all, frankly, crap.

The point of this post is this remarkable fact: I have spent more on suits in the past three months than in the preceding five years. (And I am not someone completely averse to suits, either.)

The first of these was for the premiere, a fetching black linen number. The next was the also-fetching white linen number (modeled here, with my sis) in which I got married. Both of those were bought at the one shop I know that I can walk into, pull whatever jacket and trousers I like from the racks, and be guaranteed of something that fits me better than almost any other off-the-peg suit: namely, Marks & Spencer. The only part of my wedding outfit that wasn't from M&S was the tie, and the whole lot cost me less than two hundred quid. (I was particularly happy with the shoes.)

Two days ago I returned to Brent Cross, this time to Fenwicks which had a sale on - like pretty much every other shop in Britain right now. Came away with a lovely Life & Limb production (fantastic suits, terrible site) as well as a dinner suit, the latter weighing a mere ton on the wallet.

Today, Bob and I hit the Harlequin mall out in Watford, and after a useless half hour in Ciro Citterio we went across to Suit Direct (also operating as Young's Hire). I knew it was exactly what we wanted as soon as I walked in and saw not the usual twenty-something opinionless ditherers, but five waistcoated gents with measuring tapes over their shoulders. Sure enough, the assistant who came to our aid gave me a quick trip around the waist, then pulled a lovely black three-piece from the rack. I put it on and Bob had a suitgasm. It fitted me perfectly - didn't even need the legs shortened like the M&S ones do. (I'm only a little Yoz.) So we took that one, an identical-but-grey one, two Cardin wing-tip shirts and a belt. The only way the experience could have been bettered is if they'd coaxed me to feel the quality of their shmutter. Consider Suit Direct seriously recommended, and Yoz suited. (Booted comes next.)

Now, I realise that to anyone who knows more than the first thing about buying a suit, the above post makes me look like a tasteless shmo. Okay, so I didn't exactly hit Savile Row, and even walking into Ciro Citterio probably disqualifies me from ever talking about menswear again. But I've done Zara, I've done Austin Reed, and came up empty both times. These suits I've got? They're nice and they have a very decent fit. Until I make the move to my first bespoke, I'm happy. (And Mr Mahon agrees about M&S.)


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Date:July 7th, 2005 10:19 pm (UTC)
Hey! Profit from those building materials. You really have a well-crafted gift for making people cackle. My best wishes are with you and Bob in your transposition of states. Sure glad you are not dead but I worry about your friends and family and their connections ad infinitum. Nice to hear from you. Love... (that should be a commandment. Wait, it is in some religions...).
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Date:July 9th, 2005 04:10 am (UTC)
Hello lovely,

I'm so sorry I missed your first wedding! Do you need any help finding any other bits and pieces?
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Date:November 26th, 2009 06:19 am (UTC)

Just Wandering

Whoa! you seemed very jolly person?I am right? Well best wishes to you..Pardon me, I don't know why you are disqualified when you talk about menswear?
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